About Me

Hello! I'm Issi.
I'm a 20 year old university- goer.
My favourite things to do include: cooking, eating, art, drinking, having fun, being lazy.

This is me:

Me and Marmite :)

Something important:
I don't really work with specific ingredients, cooking times, cooking temperatures. I just put in what tastes right, cook it on a temperature that seems right and take it out when it's done! You should do the same too! Don't stress about exact times and measurements. Try things when you are making them, and check when it is cooking. 
Go with the flow...

I try to be a good little vegan but sometimes I'll accidentally eat things that aren't suitable. If I post something like that, it's not to be offensive so please do tell me!
I wouldn't say I'm the strictest vegan in the world by any means. I'll eat stuff that says "may contain traces of milk" etc, and as far as I'm concerned, there's no point stressing too much. Just go with the flow... Eating a 99.9% vegan diet is better than nothing right?

Hope you like the blog! 


  1. You're adorable! I can't wait to follow your posts!

    P.S. you can't be the fattest vegan though, cause I am sure I am. ;)

    1. Ah thank you so much this means a lot! Keep tuned I've got more to add :)

  2. What do you call a vegan who goes back to eating meat?

    Someone who lost their veg-inity!