Friday, 12 October 2012

Courgette Lasagna

So I had some friends over and we made a COURGETTE LASAGNA! 

My first vegan lasagna :) 

You can use lasagna sheets but I used courgette! Woo love the stuff.

It took quite a lot of time to make and a good few ingredients but it was well worth it!
If you want to give it a go this is how it went:


Tomato sauce:
One can tinned, chopped tomatoes
One large onion
Box of mushrooms
Bag of spinach
Sun dried tomato paste
Vegetable stock
Mixed herbs
Lots of garlic

White sauce:
I just used dairy free cheese sauce mix from Holland and Barrett with a tbsp of nutritional yeast flakes and soy milk. You could alternatively make a simple roux sauce :). Here is a recipe roux sauce, just substitute the ingredients with vegan alternatives!

One courgette, sliced length ways and fairly thinly

Some grated vegan cheese, I used Redwood Mozzarella but I didn't think much of it... I preferred the cheddar.

Pre-heat the oven to 210c

Firstly make the tomato sauce. Fry all the vegetables except the spinach in the oil and when they are cooked add the tomato paste and tinned tomatoes and herbs. When it is cooked add everything else, including the spinach.

Then, prepare the white sauce and set aside. 

You are meant to cook courgettes first so they are less watery but I couldn't be bothered. I microwaved them for like 5 minutes but I don't think it helped. If you CAN be bothered, roast the slices first in the oven for ages :)

Now you can LAYER!

Start with tomato
Then the courgette
Then the cheese sauce
Finish with a layer of cheese sauce and then the grated CHEESE! I asked my friend to grate it and she did the whole block... I think it was a tad too much :P
Then cook! I don't actually know how long I put it in for... 40 minutes maybe? We want it to be bubbling and the cheese a bit brown :)
Ah just look at them enjoy :D
Nearly all gone! :(