Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Vegan Creme Fraiche

"Creme Fraiche" 

I made this tastiness to go with my lovely Butternut Squash Soup, it makes it.

Handful of plain cashew nuts, soaked over night in water
Unsweetened soy milk
Lemon Juice
White wine vinegar
Salt to taste (a pinch should do it)

I like to use lots of lemon juice and just a little vinegar. Blend all the ingredients, using a small amount of soy milk. If using a hand blender, make sure to stop every so often and scoop it all out the blender (SWITCH IT OFF FIRST, I've blended my finger before hahaha). Keep adding the milk until it's the consistency of double cream. Blend and blend and blend until it's reaaally smooth. 

Taste it! It doesn't taste 100% like creme fraiche does it? But you wait... Wait till it goes in the soup and THEN you'll be amazed. When I made this before, a large handful of cashews for the creme was just enough to go with a batch of soup, enough for a big dollop on each bowl. The creme thickens up delightfully in the fridge and even melts in the soup! 


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