Monday, 14 January 2013

Christmas trifle with whipped cream!

SO HAPPY for vegan trifle!

Wahay! You have no idea how happy I was when I found a recipe for a vegan trifle, on this lovely website.
Trifle is my favourite Christmas pudding, although I know not a lot of people like it. But hey- what's not to like? It has everything! Fruit- yes! Sponge- yum! Jelly- uhuh! Uh I won't go on but you get my drift. I love to put lots of booze in it ;) but you can always omit this. 

Vegan sponge, you can buy it or make your own (2oz sugar, 2oz margarine, 2oz self raising flour, 1tsp egg replacer, poured in strips on a baking tray and cooked for 25 mins at 180c).
Alcohol like madeira (optional)
Fruit of your choice- I used 1 banana, half a mango and a clementine
Vegan jelly
Custard made from custard powder and soy milk
Whipped cream ingredients: 2 tbsp cornflour, 2oz margarine, 1oz powdered sugar, vanilla essence, brandy (optional), 250ml soya milk.

Picture of me trying to look like a cheesey housewife, holding the trifle :P

First, take the vegan sponge. This is how mine turned out... burnt. Forgot about them, oops! I just cut off the burnt bits though :)

Take 2 and make jam sandwiches out of them, like so:

Then place the sandwiches around the base of the bowl.

If you are using alcohol, pour this over the sponge now. Use however much you like... if you want a suggestion, 2 shots? 3 shots? All the shots?

Next, pile on your fruit! You can cut it as big or small as you like. 

Then you can make up the vegan jelly and pour that over. I made sure to allow enough room at the top for the custard and cream.

Allow this to set before going on to the next step!

Now make up the custard powder according to the instructions, veganifying it all of course! I honestly can't remember how much I made... if you're not sure, make too much  rather than too little- then you can eat the remainder ;)

Allow it to cool so it isn't hot any more and smooth the custard over the jelly.

Now you can make the CREAM!

This was my favourite part because firstly I was so excited to see how it would turn out, and secondly, it turned out great and tasted AMAZING AND SO MUCH LIKE WHIPPED CREAM! I'm so thankful for that recipe because I know I'll be using this all the time... summer time- give me strawberries and whipped cream yes please!

In a sauce pan, blend together the cornflour and a little soy milk to make a paste. Keep adding until all the milk is nicely stirred in. Transfer to the heat and bring to the boil. Keep stirring and when the mixture has thickened, take off the heat and leave to cool. 

In a bowl. cream together the sugar, margarine and vanilla essence. You can then beat in the cooled cornflour mixture. I found this was a little lumpy and I had to whisk for ages, so it may be easier to blend it. If using brandy, add that in now to make brandy cream :) (I used tons mwahaha).

Spread the cream on top of the custard and VOILA! 

Right... so I totally planned to take some pictures of it served up and everything. But being busy with eating the whole thing, that didn't really happen :P

A slightly unrelated picture of me at Christmas trying to look like a housewife and holding up the pie I made :)

It was vegan fake chicken pie :)

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