Sunday, 24 February 2013

Vegan "cheese" toastie

So I was hungover and needed some toastie goodness. I looked up a couple of "cheeze" recipes and concocted my own from the research. The results were a success!

(Serves one)

One tbsp cornflour
Two tbsp nutritional yeast flakes
One tsp mustard
One tsp agave/ rice syrup/ honey (if you eat that)
Two tsp white wine vinegar/ lemon juice
One tbsp oil
One tsp minced garlic (optional)
50ml soy milk (I didn't bother measuring it out, just add enough so that the mix becomes a liquid)

Two slices bread
One tsp vegan marg
Quarter of a sliced onion
Four mushrooms, sliced
Fresh herbs (I used coriander but basil would be good!)
Four slices tomato


Firstly fry the onion and mushroom in a pan.

While this is cooking, mix all the cheese  ingredients together in a small pan. Transfer to the stove and cook on a medium heat, stirring lots. You may need to add more soy milk if it is too thick. When it has thickened take it off the heat.

Take the bread and spread the fake cheese on both slices. Lay on the tomato, fresh herbs and cooked veg. Now fry press the two pieces of bread together, squish em down ;)

Heat up the marg in a frying and fry the sandwich on both sides until crispy and brown :)


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