Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Vegan Mayonnaise

I know I posted a recipe for vegan mayo before, but this is BETTER.
The other one was low fat... this is standard high fat mayo. But it is most definitely mayonnaise! 

I went to this awesome vegan restaurant in Belgium and they had delicious mayonnaise. So I asked the chef for the recipe and she gave it to me! Yippee! But it turned out very badly... I think she wrote it down wrong. So after experimenting, the 3rd attempt emulsified and turned out fantastic!

It is quick and easy to make but you do need to follow the instructions exactly or it won't work.


One tbsp mustard
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
Two tbsp agave/ rice syrup (or honey if you eat that)
70ml soy milk

400ml vegetable oil- it is important it isn't oxidised which means it can't have been sitting with the lid off for ages. It's fine if the bottle has already been opened previously though. I don't know why this is important but the chef said it was ;)

Three tbsp apple cider vinegar


Blend the first set of ingredients- the mustard, salt, pepper, sweetener and soy milk.

While the blender is going, sloowwwlly stream in the oil. By this I mean- the oil needs to basically trickle in, nearly drop by drop. Add the oil too fast and it won't emulsify! So a very thin stream of oil going in. The slower the better!

When this is all in, while blending, add in the vinegar, spoon by spoon.

It is important to do it in that exact order: first set of ingredients, then oil, then vinegar. It should emulsify and be delicious!
You can blend in anything else that you want like garlic or herbs. 


  1. Do you think homemade almond milk or hazelnut milk would substitute for the soy milk?

    1. Oh I should think so! I think the emulsifying happens with the vinegar and the oil so it *should* be fine. Let me know how it goes!