Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Avocado Berry Smoothie

I was a bit scared of this.
This smoothie was the first time anything that mixed avocado and sweet together. But what's the point in life if you don't try anything new?

This recipe is the perfect start to the morning. Avocados are like a health god and berries are pretty good too!!

Half a baby avocado
Big handful frozen berries
1 tsp stevia
Vegan milk of your choice

Blend! Add the milk until it's at the desired consistency. I liked mine nice and thick. You need to blend quite a bit because it'll look smooth but there'll be lots of bits of berry in there. Blendyblendyblend.

And... wow.
I took my first sip and I was blown away. This is EXACTLY like a fatty unhealthy milkshake. Tastes like I just got some berries and a huge scoop of dairy ice cream and blended them together. But nope, instead was amazing healthy natural ingredients. It's mental, isn't it? 

I was so hungry when I woke up but this really did the job for me, my tummy is now happily full. Woo!

Something I'm not happy about: finishing the smoothie :(

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