Saturday, 27 October 2012

Smoothie Day

 So I  decided to do a day of smoothies!
The first one I had was similar to the one I posted before- half a baby avocado, water, frozen berries, stevia and lemon juice. It was delish. 
Sorry for the gross picture! The glass looks really dirty... my camera screen is broken and so I can't see what I'm taking a picture of :(

I tried to be creative with this one... but don't try it. It was gross. I blended for agesss but it refused to go smooth and there was something about the carrot that made it disgusting. Oh well, you don't get anywhere without experimenting! I took a picture of it but because my cam is broken the pic came out black... great.

Now THIS I liked. A frozen banana, half a baby avocado, a bunch of spinach, lemon juice and stevia. Delish and bursting with nutrients! 

Originally I planned smoothie day to just consist of smoothies. But with only 2/3 of them them actually tasty, I got discouraged and gave in. Oh well! Had some carrot and pepper with humous instead :D

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