Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tortilla Wrap!

Not really a recipe, but thought I would share anyway.
Mm... tortilla... really asks for calories right? 
This is the one I made for lunch:
When I was making it I wasn't planning to do it as a post and so you can't really see what I've put in it...

Just looks like salad and mayo here right?

Yum yum yum.
This wrap actually contains:
A whole baby avocado
Cherry tomatoes
Vegan mayo
Crunchy salad mix
Fresh basil (tons of it!) 
Fake turkey slices

Mmm. It was really missing a good old pickled chili or 2.

If you fill it up loads (like me) and want it to close, just fry (with no oil or with a little oil, your choice!) the tortilla on each side for a min and it will close much easier.

The other day, I got home drunk and made the most AMAZING tortilla wrap! 
From what I can remember, this is how it went.
Fried the tortilla wrap on each side, when it was still in the pan I added grated vegan cheese to it, which melted a bit (I get mine from Holland and Barrett if you're interested!).
I then set the tortilla a side on a plate and fried some red pepper and spinach in the pan. When that was cooked I put it on the wrap. Umm... my memory is getting hazy but I think I next added some sun dried tomatoes, fresh coriander, vegan mayo and HP sauce. Perhaps also pickled chilies! But whatever, it was DELISH. Drunken tortilla making= a butchered coriander plant in the morning :(

So the moral of the story (post) is to always include ALL the vegetables and sauces you can! The wrap is not complete if there isn't stuff falling out of it.

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