Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nettle Soup

The best things in life are freeee!

I just went out and collected loads of nettles for the first time! I have always wanted to forage but have never really been successful and when I tried before it was too late for nettles. They need to be picked between March and April before they turn bitter and flower, and so I'm glad I remembered before it was too late. 

I am really proud of the fact I didn't get stung once :)

Go pick some nettles! NOW! 

Put on some thick gloves and long sleeved top. Take some scissors and find the younger, smaller plants. Only cut the first 5 inches down or so. 

Next, thoroughly wash the nettles. The best way to do this is fill a sink with water and put them in there, let the dirt sink to the bottom. I picked mine by the sea so I washed them about four times because I didn't want sandy soup.

(Sorry for awful pictures! My camera screen is broken and so I can't see what I'm photographing...)

Now make your soup! I fried and onion and some garlic in oil. Look how massive my garlic cloves were!
Then I added water, stock, herbs and the nettles! Boiled for a while then blended. It definitely needs a potato though, I just didn't have any.

SO GOOD! If you don't believe me, go pick some and try it out ;)

I also picked some dandelion flowers and made tea, it is tasty! 

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